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Care Quality and Patient Safety: By the Numbers

Modernizing and elevating care quality and safety in international and emerging-market environments is a special focus of the Maini Consulting Group, which counts among its consultants top hospital executives with unparalleled clinical standards and practices setting expertise. Our approach is intensely data driven, including our own proprietary QPS software, currently under development, to manage organizational performance. We provide hands-on support, from planning through successful execution…

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  • Creating and driving a patient-first organizational vision and culture.
  • Leading Joint Commission International certification initiatives as an effective quality impetus.
  • Building partnerships between medical leadership and hospital medical staff, as well as education and training initiatives.
  • Establishing care quality and patient safety standards, improvement goals and milestones.
  • Creating metrics-based performance management systems and dashboards.
  • Developing technology tools, including our own QPS software, to collect and analyze performance information.
  • Aligning Human Resources policies, employee evaluations and compensation systems with quality goals.
  • Pro-active and transparent internal, government and public reporting of quality performance.
  • Using care quality, safety and patient experience improvements to drive patient satisfaction and marketing.

Medical Education: Connections and Careers

We bring together medical schools, teaching hospitals and government health agencies – across borders and continents – to establish ongoing partnerships for residency and other training programs, or facilitate individual placements. Our consultants bring years of experience leading medical school international programs, hospital-based education and health agency partnerships. We also help prepare medical students and graduates to make them better candidates for positions abroad…

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  • Working with teaching hospitals to develop international relationships and programs that enhance their education, training and revenue generation potential. Sourcing for residency, fellowship, research and observer positions.
  • Helping emerging-market educational institutions develop partnerships with hospitals, schools and health agencies abroad to jumpstart the careers of their students and graduates through international education and training placements.
  • Making connections abroad for medical schools in developed countries to meet their global diversity and financial goals through placement of international candidates in medical, professional and science degree, and student elective programs.
  • Working with emerging-market government agencies to help train their countries’ future health care leaders by developing and negotiating cost-effective partnerships with hospitals and medical schools in developed countries.
  • Making available our own, and other U.S., health care experts for direct clinical education support in emerging markets, including hospital program analysis, case-specific second opinions, lectures and health care conference speaking roles.
  • Assisting medical graduates in winning placement in international residency, fellowship, research and observership programs – and medical students in hospital-based electives programs – with expert CV and personal statement writing, interview preparation, and personal counseling.(Our medical graduate and student programs, and how to apply)

People: To Propel Organizations

Maini Consulting Group specializes in adapting the uniquely American, highly successful group practice model for emerging-market hospitals. Salaried doctors collaborating as a unit across specialties, with a shared vision, standardized practices, productivity measures and rewards. We will set up the infrastructure and make it work effectively with hands-on support. We also are experts in meeting multinational staffing and leadership challenges, as well as metrics-driven performance management…

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  • Creating new group practices from the ground up, or adapting the model to transform organizations with deference to local cultural and medical practice traditions.
  • Creating and inculcating patient and employee-first organizational cultures.
  • Building multinational executive teams and boards.
  • Establishing and managing global staff recruitment networks.
  • Creating and restructuring professional Human Resources organizations, and aligning HR policies, employee evaluations and compensation systems with financial and quality goals.
  • Building partnerships between management and medical leadership teams.
  • Creating metrics-based performance management systems and dashboards.
  • Developing leadership, career development and training programs.
  • Leading success-critical organizational restructuring and right-sizing initiatives.
  • Assessing and managing physician and staff productivity.

International Hospital Start-ups and Operational Makeovers

If your health care organization is considering international expansion, or already planning new ventures – particularly in emerging markets – Maini Consulting Group provides unparalleled end-to-end expertise and hands-on support. We also assess, develop action plans and partner in executing hospital operational turnarounds and enhancement initiatives…

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  • Developing international expansion strategy, including opportunity evaluation and on-the-ground research, business plans, as well as clinical models and structuring.
  • Leading government and regulatory relations and, where necessary, contract negotiations, as well as management of health policy issues and country-specific insurance modeling.
  • Creating operational models to enhance patient care and business performance.
  • Establishing data-driven decision making cultures, tools and training.
  • Building goal-oriented standards, policies and performance tools using metrics and dashboards.
  • Developing information technology strategic plans, platforms, process engineering and modernization initiatives.
  • Managing web site development and end-to-end content creation, as well as internal and external communications and public relations support.

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