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When you engage Maini Consulting Group, you are bringing aboard a virtual C-level team – all deeply experienced – to work with your leadership, peer to peer, on international health care projects. Maini consultants have not just strategized and planned, but also led on-the-ground execution of numerous successful international health care initiatives over their collective careers.

Care Quality and Patient Safety

Transformed the clinical model and leveraged the Joint Commission International accreditation process to dramatically boost care quality and patient safety performance at a major government-owned, privately managed hospital in Abu Dhabi. Won JCI certification with perfect scores on four of eight quality and safety measures, and achieved 90% highly satisfied patient ratings. Also established an unprecedented level of care quality and safety transparency through public reporting that won widespread government and industry praise throughout the Middle East.

Global Medical Education Connections

Significantly expanded the global presence of a major U.S. medical school, both enhancing its educational mission and building a powerful profit center. Expanded and enhanced partnerships with government health agency and educational institution sponsors in emerging markets to source medical graduates and students for U.S. residency, fellowship, and training programs. Built new affiliations with U.S. teaching hospitals to increase opportunities for medical education placements of international candidates. Developed new observership, visiting physician and student elective initiatives. Built relationships for the school across the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Africa, India, East Asia, and Australasia.

Group Practice Modeling and People Power

Adapted and deployed the U.S.-style group practice model for a major Emirati hospital system, modernizing while honoring its tradition-bound culture, to fuel a major turnaround in clinical and organizational performance. Established a salaried staff model and built collaboration across specialties in support of a productivity, quality and patient service-focused vision. Built clinical and administrative cohesion within a multinational leadership team. Established a global recruiting network and state-of-the-art HR practices to meet the serious challenge of building, retaining and managing a staff from 63 countries. Created a data-driven performance management and compensation system.

International Health Care Strategy, Planning and Study

Helped a world-renowned U.S. health care provider establish its international expansion strategy and evaluated opportunities in several countries. Developed a U.S. university’s proposed medical education program in Egypt for the World Health Organization (WHO). Built on-the-ground international health care system expertise through study trips in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea.

Emerging Market Hospital Turnaround

Led the business, organizational and quality turnaround of a government-owned hospital in Abu Dhabi, erasing a massive annual financial loss, transforming its board and governance, building a new patient-first culture, overhauling IT infrastructure, and establishing a reputation as the Emirati city’s top hospital. Streamlined operations through a $40 million right-sizing initiative. Built, from the ground up, an advanced organizational structure and business practices, including development of the C-suite, educational, administrative and medical committees, job descriptions with measurable objectives, and metrics-based accountability.

Technology-based performance, quality and communications tools

Currently developing Maini Consulting Group’s own, proprietary QPS software system to manage care quality and patient safety performance. For a technology-challenged Middle Eastern hospital, developed a new IT strategic plan, a fully integrated Electronic Medical Record system, a time and cost-saving film-less radiology archiving and communications system, and a new business IT platform. Also re-engineered its service desk and telecom infrastructure to dramatically improve patient satisfaction. Leveraged digital communications to enhance image-building, service and information delivery capabilities, including development and content creation for hospital, medical school and consulting group web sites, blogs and the introduction of social media.

International Health Care Career Support

Helped aspiring health care professionals from around the world – especially from emerging markets – further their careers through assistance in winning highly sought after, competitive placements in residency, fellowship and other training programs abroad. Services have included CV and personal statement writing, as well as interview coaching and strategic counseling.

Model Middle Eastern Hospital Start-up

Laid the strategic and planning foundations for one of the most ambitious international hospital projects ever undertaken in the United Arab Emirates – a $4 billion, 300-bed teaching hospital and clinic in Abu Dhabi – including the business and organizational plan, government and regulatory approval, budgeting, operational model, staffing, project management, construction and vendor oversight, and IT infrastructure. Also recruited a talented senior management team.

International Government and Community Relations

Worked with Abu Dhabi officials to streamline bureaucracy at a government-owned hospital and, in an ad hoc role as ambassadors to the international diplomatic community, funneled new business to the hospital. Integrated Emiratis into hospital leadership. Negotiated government contract and regulatory issues on behalf of the hospital’s U.S. management group. Leveraged government support to develop a unique supply chain strategy to sidestep the local patronage system and difficult procurement challenges by outsourcing warehousing, logistics and tracking to Western partners.

Health Care Policy, Insurance and Funding

Worked on national health insurance models and policies, as well as health care financing issues, with governments and health care providers in developing countries, including in the Middle East, Asia, the Asian subcontinent, and Africa. Also consulted to the World Bank, the Word Health Organization (WHO), and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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