International Placements for Health Care Professionals

The most effective way for medical graduates, students and health care technicians to launch their careers – particularly those from emerging markets – is through medical education and training positions at teaching hospitals in the United States. Maini Consulting Group brings years of experience working with sponsoring organizations in their home countries, hospitals in the U.S. – and individual candidates themselves – to find, prepare them for, and win placements in the programs that will best enhance their future career opportunities.

You will find below brief descriptions of the programs we offer, whom they are open to, the approval process requirements for each, and our application form. We look forward to working with you to help meet your career goals.

Pre-Residency (Research Scholarship), Residency and Fellowship Programs

Residency and, if desired, subsequent fellowships at hospitals in the United States provide the most valuable medical training and career advancement benefits for international medical graduates. Unless exceptionally well qualified, most international candidates will find it essential to begin their American training in hospital research scholarship positions to establish the qualifications and relationships necessary for admittance to U.S. residency.

These research programs, in a wide range of specialties, will help candidates become familiar with the practice of American medicine and the workings of hospital systems here. Research scholars will gain the research, investigative and analytical skills necessary in practicing evidence-based medicine. They will learn to use electronic medical record systems, make medical team ward rounds, and participate in morbidity and mortality meetings, teaching conferences and publishing projects. Their interactions throughout will lay the foundations for later clinical leadership roles.

For candidates who come to us from our affiliated international sponsor organizations, Maini Consulting Group will manage the application process, find the best program matches, and help prepare them to win placements.

Clinical Observership Program

For international medical graduates and practicing physicians who come to us through our affiliated sponsor organizations – or directly – Maini Consulting Group will help place them in U.S. hospital observerships of four to eight weeks’ duration. Observerships provide invaluable first-hand (non-practicing) experience in the latest American patient care practices, hospital teamwork and, for practicing physicians, the latest techniques and procedures in their specialty field. We will manage the application process, find the best program matches, and help prepare them to win placements.

Medical Student Electives Program

For international students in their final year of medical school, Maini Consulting Group will help find and place them in U.S. hospital clinical rotation electives of four to eight weeks in duration. Home country sponsorship is not required. These elective rotations will give students a preview of American clinical care practices, working as part of a medical team and, where possible, first-hand experience in their chosen specialty. Before completing an application, interested students should contact us for information on practice area programs available and fees. We will manage the application process and help prepare students to win elective placements.

Allied Technical Staff Training Programs

In addition to medical education programs, Maini Consulting Group helps international candidates looking to enhance their allied technical careers – whether they come to us through affiliated sponsor organizations or directly – in both short and longer-term U.S. hospital training programs. Fields include nursing, pharmacy, radiology, quality and risk management, nutrition and laboratory. This training will provide first-hand experience in the latest advances in these professions. We will find the right program matches, manage the application process and help prepare them to win placements.

Our Preparation Services to Help Win U.S. Program Placement

Competition for the limited number of international openings in U.S. medical education and training programs can be intense, so how well candidates present themselves is a crucial factor. Maini Consulting Group brings years of experience in working directly with medical graduates, students and technicians to help enhance their chances. In addition to personal counseling, we offer writing services to help craft the most effective curriculum vitae (resumé) and personal statement, as well as coaching services to prepare for interviews. Contact us for further information and fees, whether you are applying for positions through Maini Consulting Group or elsewhere.

Program Requirements, the Approval Process and Our Application Form

To apply for any of the medical education or training programs available through Maini Consulting Group, here is the information you need and the form you should fill out and return to us:

Maini Consulting Group | P.O. Box 1100 Northborough, MA 01532

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